Hello world!

Hello World!!  My name is Colette Ladbrook, and welcome to Colette’s Cottage, my new website and blog!

I have been blogging for a few years now, mostly on my former blog “ewescrap” and on my mother’s site “treasures 4 ewe”.  I also have hosted a scrapbook website for several years, and have been very active on Pinterest since it burst onto the scene.  However, I was looking to start a fresh blog, to better reflect where I am now, and hopefully to be a little more personal.  While I am from Jacksonville, Florida, our family has lived mostly in Atlanta, Georgia and Christchurch, New Zealand.  I am writing this from near Christchurch, where my husband’s family settled back in the 1850’s, and where he has returned to help with the earthquake recovery and reconstruction.  We have three children, with two older boys in high school, and one daughter at intermediate/middle school.  I’m sure you will hear much more about them in the months to come.

I would like to thank my husband, Warren, for helping with some of the technical aspects of the site – and which will be revised and updated in due course. But mostly I want to say a special thanks to my mother, Sally, who is the source of my creative inspiration.

My mother, Sally, and I at Moeraki Boulders in New Zealand

My mother, Sally, and I at Moeraki Boulders in New Zealand

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